Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote “What is important in life is life, and not the result of life.” In other words, what’s important is living your life to the fullest, passionately and enthusiastically. This corresponds to the fifth of the Six Values of The Coherent Life is Fervid Enthusiasm.

The word “fervid” comes from Latin and means “to glow.” Those familiar with The Coherent Life know the daily practice of attracting the Six Values into your life through concentrating on imaginary colored balls of fire that represent the Six Values. These balls of fire are like little suns; they glow.

So should your life glow with passion. Think about your past and what you will remember most are the things you’ve done: Going on vacation, spending time with friends and family, enjoying your favorite hobbies. It is the things that we do, not the things we buy, that give us pleasure and lasting memories.

Live a life that produces lasting memories. Go out into the world and explore, meet new people, have new experiences. It is this passion that makes life worthwhile.


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