The Coherent Life is not about living a self-centered existence.

The Rule of Divinity states that everything is one and that one is the greatest power. That means you are one with all others. When you think only of yourself, you are begrudging the greater you and hurting yourself in the long run.

The German writer Friedrich von Schiller writes, "The brave man thinks upon himself the last." 

If you want to have an enlightened life mindful of the great power that resides inside you, then must recognize and acknowledge that other people are also a part of this power. As the old saying goes, "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face." What this means is don't be self-destructive by over-reacting to a problem.

When we express anger, contempt, or hatred towards others, we are hurting ourselves as well. On the surface we only hurt ourselves by having these negative emotions dwell within us; oftentimes these emotions seethe inside us and those who they're directed at never know of our emotions towards them so they are not hurt by them. On a larger scale though, these negative emotions hurt our bigger self which includes others.

To live a Coherent Life, think of others. By being good to others, helping them, and being kind to them is helping yourself as well. When you are mindful and in-tune to this fact, you, too will be living a happy, peaceful life.

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