Want to have an indestructible love? All of us crave love; it is part of the human condition. We want to be cared for, liked, and made to feel special.

We seek love and approval from others outside us. We try to make ourselves attractive so that others are drawn to us. We try to wow people with our words and clever pick up lines; “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”

Maybe your pick up lines work and you are able to make someone fall in love with you. Your love grows stronger but there are fights, as there are in any relationship. Feelings are hurt, maybe enough to make you fall out of love. Then again you are without love in your life.

But what if you could have an indissoluble love, a love that would withstand the sands of time, a love that never let you down?

Such a love is possible through the Rule of Divinity. The Rule of Divinity states that everything is one and that one is the greatest power. This means that you are one with everything and you have the greatest power.

You are GOD—Good, Omniscient, and Divine. You are the greatest love that there is. You don’t need outside valuation. You don’t need someone else to give you love because you have all the love in the world inside you.

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