How can you attract abundance into your life? It often seems like no matter how hard we work and struggle, but we just can’t seem to get ahead. All we want is to buy a little comfort to make the world more bearable: A decent car, a nice place to live, a flat screen TV, an occasional night out on the town. But often in our pursuit of some creature comforts, we find ourselves getting deeper into debt.

Where does it end? When will we get ahead? How about some freedom from the drudgery of work so that you can pursue truly meaningful work or others activities that are important to you?

The Coherent Life value of Profound Abundance is the state of having ample resources to allow you to follow your bliss, to do those things that you want to do. In concordance with the other five Coherent Life values, Profound Abundance allows you to live a happy, joy-filled life.

All of the Six Values of The Coherent Life are attracted into your life in the same way. All of the values are energy and energy is attracted to energy of the same type; that is, like attracts like. This is the Law of Attraction. The Buddha said, “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.”

Thoughts are a type of energy. What we think about all day is what is attracted into our lives. If you want to attract abundance into your life, then think like a person who has abundant resources; think like a rich person. Don’t think about the rich person you want to become, but rather think about the rich person that you are.

Whether or not you realize it, you do have some riches in your life. You have a place to live, although it may not be the home of your dreams. You have clothes to wear, shoes on your feet, food to eat, a computer to use. Maybe none of these fit your ideal, but view that as only temporary until you decide to upgrade them; you are a rich person who has not yet decided to buy the things you dream of.

To focus your thoughts and energy on abundance, do the following exercise at least once a day:

·         Sit in a quiet, relaxing place.

·         Place a hand on your lap with the palm facing up.

·         Look at your palm and imagine that there is a ball of light, like a little sun.

·         Imagine that the ball of light is light blue in color, the same color as the sky.*

·         As you look at this ball of light, recall a time when you felt rich, a time when you felt that you had abundance.

·         Concentrate on that feeling, that emotion of abundance.

·         While concentrating on this feeling, play with the ball of light; change its size and shape.

·         Do this exercise for a least two to three minutes at least once a day.

The exercise is simple but it will immediately affect your life.

*Note: The reason that the ball of light is sky blue is twofold: One is that sky is the most abundant thing that we can see; two, whenever you see the sky you will be reminded of that feeling of abundance.


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