Prosperity is the last of my six core values (Peace, Love, Happiness, Confidence, Passion, and Prosperity). defines Prosperity as: A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune. To this definition I would add “Abundance in all aspects of your life.”

Abundance, the quality of having an ample amount, is necessary for high self-esteem and Confidence. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is represented by a pyramid with physiological needs (food, water, shelter, etc.) as the base. Without these basic needs being met, it is difficult for us to achieve higher needs such as self-esteem and self-actualization.

Other basic needs that must be met include being physically safe, healthy, and financially secure. Prosperity isn’t just about having lots of money. Money isn’t even the issue. If you need a new car, does it matter if you paid for it yourself or if you are given it? If you don’t make money following your passions, but all your needs are abundantly met, does it matter?

The goal of Prosperity is not to make tons of money, but rather it is to have abundance in all areas of life. To be in great health, to have loving and support family and friends, to have the freedom to pursue your passions, to have a lifestyle commensurate to achieving your goals.

Today, too often our goals are to be filthy rich with more money and possessions than we need or could ever use. A single person owning a 25-room mansion is unnecessary and wasteful when we can be more than comfortable in a two- or three-room home; a bedroom for ourselves, a living room, an office or workspace, and a guest room.

I use my Balls of Energy technique to concentrate on the energy of Prosperity to attract prosperity into my life. I imagine a light blue ball of energy in the palm of my hand. I am in control of this ball, able to control its shape and size. As I imagine this ball of energy, I have within me the feeling of Prosperity. I feel confident knowing that I have abundant health, love, friends, and resources. I feel as if I already I had the life that I want to have.

When I have the feeling of Prosperity within me, I do not feel arrogant and snotty. I feel humble and grateful to have such benefits in my life. I do not rest on my laurels, for success is not a final destination but rather a process. Every day I work on being a success: I concentrate on my balls of energy to attract my desired values; I read encouraging Tweets, blogs, articles, and books; I work on becoming a better person.

Trisha Hulsey
01/07/2013 10:42am

The ball of energy technique came to me spontaiously when I began a new Job and I parked in front and held an energy ball imagining the great things that would occur at the dealership and it was the Best job of my life !! It was a very profound moment for me!!

Jim Risser
01/07/2013 6:35pm

Yeah, it's an amazing technique! Works wonders!


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