The next of my six values (Peace, Love, Happiness, Confidence, Passion, and Prosperity) is Passion. To be more exact, Passion for Life.

If you read my homepage you’ll see that my motto is, “Life, give me more!” I have a passion for life and all the challenges, obstacles, and problems it presents. Of course, life isn’t all bad, it also presents joy, happiness, and adventure. But often we are stopped in our tracks by the bad times and we give up hope.

Sometimes life presents us with daunting trials and challenges: The death of loved ones, relationship breakups, getting fired from your job, etc. Oftentimes it is just the ordinary daily drudgery that causes us to lose hope: An unfulfilling job, loneliness, boredom, etc.

There’s an old saying: “I’ve been down so long it looks like up.” Our desolate lives are stuck in a rut that seems to be the norm. “That’s life,” we console ourselves.

 It’s hard to pick up yourself when you keep getting knocked down. It’s harder still to pick yourself up when you don’t even know that you’re down.

We may have desperate hopes of our lives somehow, some way magically changing. Maybe we’ll win the lottery. Maybe the love of our dreams will adore us. Maybe our knight in shining armor will rescue us. Maybe we’ll be discovered and become rich and famous.

With tears in our eyes we may pray that things were different. We may wish that we were never born. We may wish that we were dead. But we wake up the next morning in the same rut, our lives seemingly forever frozen in the amber of a life that we don’t want to live.

How can we have passion for life? How can we ask life for more?

Part of the answer lays in the Emotional Intelligence skills of Self-Actualization, Happiness, and Optimism. Remember, Emotional Intelligence skills can be learned. We can learn to be happy and optimistic. We can learn how to live a fulfilling life.

Self-Actualization involves doing the things in life that you are enthusiastic about, that you find meaningful, and that excite you. In other words, things that you are passionate about.

Stuck in our dismal daily rut we may have lost sight of what our passions are. These days what we consider passion may be nothing more than the desire to finish work for the day, to have a day off where we can sleep in late, or to sit on the couch watching our favorite TV shows while eating junk food.

These are not passions but rather mere distractions; for a brief few hours our minds are occupied (or asleep). We may daydream, hope for the cessation of the pain of a lackluster existence, or dull our pain with drugs and alcohol. Yet we are not satisfied.

Find out what you are passionate about. Think back about things that you used to be passionate about. Maybe it was a sport you played as a youngster. Play in general was something we were all passionate about as kids. Remember when you couldn’t wait to get outside and play?

If money, time, and responsibilities were not factors, what would you be doing right now? If you could go anyplace, do anything, be anyone, what would you be doing? Don’t limit your thinking—think big and ridiculously. In these answers you can find your passions.

Maybe right now you would like to be traveling the world, but you don’t have the time or money. But in that big dream of traveling the world lays your passion. Maybe it’s that you like seeing new sights, meeting new people, or doing new things. You can do those things in your own backyard. I live on a small island in Hawaii. Some people get “rock fever;” they feel that there’s not enough to do. But I am always discovering new places and meeting new people.

To have more passion in your life, be more enthusiastic about everything. Be more animated in your speech and actions. Immerse yourself in the task at hand. Look forward to your next task instead of dreading it. For example, you may not have your ideal job, but you have chosen to do this work for the time being so you might as well enjoy it. Greet your boss and fellow employees with a hardy “Hello!” Do the best job that you can. Make a game of the task at hand.

Passion is an attitude. It involves being optimistic and happy. Be positive in your thoughts. Use positive phrases instead of negative ones. For example, when someone ask how you are say, “Great!” instead of “Ok,” or “Fine.”

Know that you can make a better life for yourself. It all starts how you view life—a dread or a challenge. Change your view and you’ll change your life!


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