Is it Spring yet? That might be a question asked by people still suffering cold weather. I’m lucky because I live in Hawaii where it’s sunny and warm most of the time. That’s not to say that we don’t have our share of inclement weather—a few years ago it rained for 41 days straight!

“The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.” Mark Twain.

We do get the occasional hurricane in Hawaii—the last one was over 20 years ago. And we do get snow in Hawaii! On the slopes of the Mauna Kea Volcano which stands at over 13,000 feet.  Just a couple years ago all 50 of the United States had snow.

While the weather in Hawaii might seem unseasonably warm to those visitors who come from snow covered vistas, you will see many locals wearing jackets and sweatshirts with their shorts and flip flops. I joke with my friends in cold weather places that it’s so cold in Hawaii that I had to turn down the air conditioning; that it’s so cold that I had to close the windows part way; that it’s so cold that I had to wear long pants.

Everything is relative, though. I’ve been to places where it was below freezing and people were wearing nothing but t-shirts. While anything under 72⁰ F is cold for me!

And so it is with life. As the old saying goes, everything looks greener on the other side of the fence. If you have an office job, an outside job looks for appealing. If you’re married, single people seem to have it better. If you live in Hawaii, you miss the snow. Okay, maybe the last one doesn’t apply.

There are those who are perpetually dissatisfied, no matter what side of the fence they’re on. The trick is to find happiness and enthusiasm where you are right now no matter what. Happiness and enthusiasm are emotions generated from within, independent of outside forces.

If you want to be happy and have passion for your life then follow this exercise called the Value Suns, based on the Six Values of a Coherent Life.

1.       Sit in a comfortable, quiet place.

2.       Place one hand in your lap, palm up.

3.       While looking at the palm of your hand imagine a small sun, a ball of fire.

4.       You are in control of this sun; you can change its size and shape, making it bigger, smaller, longer, or higher.

5.       As you look at this little sun feel the emotion of the value you wish to create in your life.

6.       Concentrate of the feeling for a few moments.

Each sun has a different color for each of the Six Values:

1.       Internal Assurance (confidence) = White

2.       Eternal Ecstasy (happiness) = Orange

3.       Indissoluble Love = Yellow

4.       Armored Tranquility (peace) = Green

5.       Fervid Enthusiasm = Red

6.       Profound Abundance = Sky Blue

By practicing viewing these suns and experiencing the associated emotions, you will no longer be dependent on outside forces to live the Six Values.



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