You can end your sadness, misery, pain, and suffering. You can lead a life full of happiness and joy.

The first step is to realize that have the inherent power to be happy no matter what the circumstances or situation. No matter what your financial situation, no matter your relationship status, no matter if the world is falling apart around you. You can rise above everything to be happy every moment of every day.

Next stop looking for happiness outside yourself. Happiness is not found in outside pleasures such as sex, material goods, money, drugs, alcohol, or food. Such external pleasure is dependent and fleeting. The only place that you’ll find happiness is within you. True happiness is internal and independent.

To generate happiness from within first remember a time when you were happy. Relive that feeling of happiness, focus on it for at least two minutes. Generating this feeling of happiness every day will build and strengthen your happiness muscle. Focus on the feeling of happiness generated from within two times a day.

Happiness is important for living a Coherent Life. As often as possible, get around others living the Coherent Life. Shy away from negative, unhappy friends and family unless it is to share the Coherent Life with them and teach them how to achieve happiness in their own lives.

Remember, happiness is like a muscle and it needs to be exercised every day. The more you exercise it, the stronger your happiness will be.

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