How can I be so confident that I know that I can handle anything that comes my way? How can I be so self-assured that I know that I can effectively deal with any problem, conflict, or obstacle?

The answer is Internalized Assurance, one of six values of The Coherent Life. Along with the other five values, I have overcome pain and suffering. I have totally transformed my life in an instant when I realized that I had the power of “The Rule of Divinity” inside me.

Modern psychology will tell you that there are four attributions of perceive control: Internal, External, Controllable, and Uncontrollable. These four attributes form a matrix with location of control (Internal or External) on the x axis and controllability (Controllable or Uncontrollable) on the y axis. Thus there are four possible perceptions of control: Internal-Controllable, Internal-Uncontrollable, External-Controllable, and External-Uncontrollable. According to this psychological theory, people who perceive control as being External-Uncontrollable feel that they can’t control events in their lives and attribute the cause as luck, other people, karma, etc. On the other hand, people who perceive control as being Internal-Controllable feel that they have complete control of their lives.

But psychological theory doesn’t help us. It is enlightened knowledge that guides us through life and allows us to stop suffering and realize our desires. “The Rule of Divinity” is everything is one and one is the greatest power. You are part of everything thus you have the greatest power. You have the power to end your unhappiness, pain, sickness, and troubles. You have the power to live the life of your heart’s desires.

Once you have internalized this fact, you will be able to mold your life and manipulate the outcomes that you desire in life. No longer will you be a pawn in the game of life, rather you will be the grand master chess champion—unbeatable!

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