There are six steps to achieving eternal happiness and joy; thus ending pain and suffering.

First you must have unshakable confidence that you can handle any problem that comes your way. You must also have the confidence that you have the strength and ability to make your desires come true.

Second, decide to be happy right now where you are. Don’t wait for some future event like winning the lottery or falling in love. Happiness is a decision. You can be happy no matter what, no matter where.

Third, love yourself. Be kind to yourself and reward yourself for being the best you that you can be. Don’t look outside yourself for love. Others will love you after you learn to love yourself.

Fourth, develop an impenetrable shield of peace around yourself. No matter what’s happening in the world around you, remain calm and at peace. No one can irritate or bug you; only you can let others get to you.

Fifth, have passion for life and everything that life throws at you, good or bad. Rush out to meet life; don’t wait for it to come to you. Your newfound confidence in step one will enable you to seek out life’s adventures.

Sixth, attract prosperity into your life. With a solid base of happiness and self-love in your life you will not want the trappings associated with trying to impress others like having an over-sized TV or gas-guzzling SUV. But you will be able to enjoy a comfortable life that enables you to do the things that you find important.

Achieving these six steps is done by living the Six Values of The Coherent Life:

1.    Internal Assurance

2.    Eternal Ecstasy

3.    Indissoluble Love

4.    Armored Tranquility

5.    Fervid Enthusiasm

6.    Profound Abundance

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