Scientists say that we use between 1% and 10% of our brain capacity. The fact that they don’t know how much of our brains that we use is proof of how little we actually use.

With so with so little brain power, how can we really know God? The Bible says that God created man in His own image. But the truth is that man created God in his own image: A fatherly figure with free will.

But for us to truly understand God is like asking a two-dimensional stick figure drawing to understand our three-dimensional world. God exists in another dimensional that we cannot fathom.

But we do know certain facts: God has always existed and was at one time the only thing that existed. If at one time God was all that existed then anything created by God was created of God; meaning nothing can be created from nothing, it has to be created from something and that something is God.

Therefore everything that was created is a part of God. We are part of God. This is the Rule of Divinity—everything is one; we are one with God. This is analogous to us being a drop of water and God being the ocean—the two are inseparable.

God is not a separate entity from us, but rather we are a part of God. The second part of the Rule of Divinity states that one is the greatest power. Together we are one with God and thus we are part of the greatest power.

Do not wish on the willy-nilly desires of some outer being to answer your prayers. God and the power of God are inside you. When your prayers are not answered it is because we are not in tuned to this greater power. But acknowledging that you have this great power will give you great confidence and strength.

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