Growing up I was a social nerd: Shy, I lacked social skills, and I had zero goals. I was the kid who was picked last (if at all) when it came to picking teams. I didn't get invited to parties. In high school at lunch I hung out in the back with other nerds and misfits: The deaf kid, the nose picker, and the AV kids. I wasn't cool. 

But my life changed when I left my parents home and ventured into the wide world. I was forced to develop social skills just to survive. I began a life-long journey of self-improvement.

I was a hippy with long hair and a beard. But my generation of the late 1970s came a generation after the true hippies of the 60s. We called ourselves "Freaks." I went to nude beaches, hitchhiked, and even went to a hippy festival.

Hitchhiking was a very good experience as it forced me into an interpersonal relationship; I could be in a car with a person or persons for hours. I was forced to interact, to overcome my shyness. The experience taught me one of the most important social skills: Listening.

Most people picked me up because they wanted someone to talk to. I heard stories of tragedy (a father who had lost his son) and of triumph (a woman who left her abusive husband and became a truck driver). 

I still have the hippy values of Peace, Love, and Happiness. Through my life journey I have added other values: Confidence, Life, and Prosperity. When I say "Life" I mean passion for life ("Life, give me more!").

This blog will be an exploration of those six core values: Peace, Love, Happiness, Confidence, Life, and Prosperity. 

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