This blog is about my six core values that guide my life: Peace, Love, Happiness, Confidence, Life, and Prosperity. I’ll be explaining each of these values in time.  For the moment think of these values as I do: As energy.

Everything and everyone contains energy. Even inanimate objects like a table, chair, or lamp. On the atomic level all things vibrate with energy. Scientifically there are seven types of energy: heat (thermal), light (radiant), motion (kinetic), electrical, chemical, nuclear, and gravitational.  To these we can add two esoteric (meaning they are mysterious and not widely accepted by scientists) energies: Psychic and emotional.

In this case we are talking about emotional energy. Our values are things we have strong emotional ties to; we have strong feelings about what we value. We hold our values in high regard and will fight to protect them.

In my effort to live and emulate my values, I think of them as balls of energy.  I think of them as little suns of different colors. I visualize each core value as a colored sun in the palm of my hand. I am in control of these balls of energy; able to change their size and shape.

While visualizing these balls of energy, I feel the emotion that would exist by living these values. For example, I see my core value of Peace as a green ball of energy but I also feel that peacefulness within me. What does it feel like to be at peace? I act as if I am at peace and I focus on that emotion.

I do this daily for each one of my core values. I look at the colored ball of energy in the palm of my hand. I play with it, making it bigger and smaller, elongated and square.  All the while I feel the emotion of that value.  This emotional energy is what makes that value real.

Some of you may have heard of “The Secret,” a video then book about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that energy is attracted to energy of the same type (like energy attracts). So if we have the energy of Prosperity, then prosperity will be attracted to us. But it’s not enough to just think about prosperity, you have to feel it. You have to have the strong emotional tie to the value for that value to become real.

You are a virtual power plant full of energy. Don’t look outside yourself for that energy, that power. Focus your attention on the energies that you want to attract to yourself. Adding emotion to that energy makes it even stronger and more potent.

Each day focus on the values you want manifested in your life. See these values as colored balls of energy that you control. Feel the emotion as if you possess that value and before long that value will be a reality in your life.

(Click here for a slide show of the colored balls.)


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