Has this ever happened to you? You’re in your home at night and a fuse blows so you go to get the flashlight but the battery is dead and you don’t have any extra batteries in the house.

Or maybe your TV remote is broken and the number 2 doesn’t work so you have to press 30 and then go back a few channels to get to channel 27. Or maybe it’s channel 227 you want to watch then you have to go to channel 199 and go forward lots of channels.

Maybe you have a gate latch that’s doesn’t quite work right so you have to fiddle with it every time you close it to make sure it’s securely locked or else the dog will get out (again).

Don’t you have enough stress in your life what with work, traffic, kids, relationships, etc., etc.? Get rid of those easily fixed little stresses so that you can find that much more peace in your life. Buy extra batteries to have on hand. Buy a new remote for the TV. Fix that gate latch once and for all.

By taking care of these little stresses you won’t be thinking “there’s another thing wrong with my life.” Take care of the small things so that you can escape the big stresses in your life instead of adding to them. These are easy fixes to finding more peace in your stressful life.



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