Right now you might be hurting financially. You may be fighting with your spouse about money problems, how you can’t afford “unnecessary” things. Maybe you hope and pray to hit it rich somehow in some way—just like those recent Powerball winners. 

When we think of the word “rich” we tend to think of money. With terms like “millionaire” and “billionaire” we automatically think that they have a million or billion dollars even though they are not called “milliondollarsaire” or “billiondollarsaire.”

Even with the term “well off” we think of people who have lots of money.  But we can also be spiritually well off. By practicing meditation, mindfulness, and concentrating on the Six Value Suns of the Coherent Life, we can add to our spiritual bank account. Each act of enlightenment is a deposit into our spiritual bank account.

We withdraw from this spiritual bank account when we encounter stress that brings us down or when we don’t maintain our spiritual practices. We can’t just make a deposit into our spiritual account and expect it to be there at some far off future date. Every day we are making withdrawals as we deal with life’s stresses, other people, and problems that arise. Life is like inflation, it devalues our spiritual wealth.

The only way to become spiritually rich is to be proactive and practice those things that will bring you closer to the God that you are a part of. The Six Values of the Coherent Life: Confidence, Happiness, Love, Peace, Passion, and Abundance are the cornerstones of a spiritually wealthy life. Practice using the Value Suns to add these values to your life so that you can live a rich life.



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